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an Unforgettable Italy Honeymoon on Amalfi Coast
I loved the fact that this hotel was right in the middle of town, but we did not feel crowded, it was in its own area, with beautiful gardens, and lovely views but we could walk into town!
Name of couple:  Rebecca and Aaron
Honeymoon date:  2011-10-10
Agency:  Unforgettable Honeymoons
How did the honeymoon turn out in general?  It was terrific, everything was smooth traveling and all arrangements met our expectations in Italy and in Paris. I am hoping to get back to Italy again someday soon, it was truly an amazing destination and we loved the people. The food was the best!
And about the destination(s) in general?   Italy was everything we dreamed it to be- incredible scenery, fantastic food, good shopping ( really great leather shops in Sorrento) Prices really not so bad in Italy for food, drink and shopping. ( not as high as I thought) we had plenty of good dinners for two, for around $100-150 in nice restaurants.
The least?   jet lag when we got home, and of course getting on the scale
Highlight of the honeymoon?   Incredible Scenery on the Amalfi Coast. will want to go back and spend more time exploring.
Anything that you wish you knew beforehand that you could pass on to us for future clients?  if you are an Oregon wine lover, bring a bottle of wine to Italy and share it with some Italians that love wine. they have never tasted Oregon or Ca wine . they only have Italian wines in Italy, you cannot find any other type of wine.
Was our service what you expected?  yes absolutely
Could we have done more to make your trip smoother?  nothing. thank you Unforgettable Honeymoons
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