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Awesome Honeymoon Experience
Our favorite part about the resort can't be narrowed down to one particular thing! We especially loved the fact that you could take a drink and/or food (our favorite was the smoothies from one of the little places they have scattered around the resort) from one place, eat where you wanted, then drop your plates off at another place! We also loved the many scenic views, and the wonderfully nice resort workers, who are truly kind and accomodating!
Name of couple:  Andrea and Aaron Pfauth
Honeymoon date:  2011-11-13
Agency:  Unforgettable Honeymoons
How did the honeymoon turn out in general?  It was absolutely perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better trip! Everything went smoothly and was totally stress free!
And about the destination(s) in general?   The whole experience was breathtaking! The secluded pathways to explore, the spacious rooms with balcony's and jacuzzi tubs, the many water sports, the hammocks in random places, and the massages are just a few of our favorites!
The least?   The fact that the prettier of the two beaches was nude during the day, and in the evenings (when you can wear clothes over there for the sunset) the people who were there during the day made fun of us for not being naked.
Highlight of the honeymoon?   Our favorite water sport was snorkeling! That and the evening when they had the fire dancer and the steel drum band were our favorite parts of the trip!
Anything that you wish you knew beforehand that you could pass on to us for future clients?  We really wish someone would have told us about the dress code at two of the four restaurants. The Casanova has a dress code at all times (Collared shirt, long pants and closed toed shoes for guys), and the Palazzina has one for dinner (the same, but shorts and strap sandals are allowed as well). We didn't know this, and didn't pack the necessary clothes for Aaron, so we were unable to eat at those two places.
Any other comments?   The whole atmosphere of the Sans Souci resort was amazing, it was a great place to just enjoy being married and explore the jungle! We also did not expect the staff to be so accommodating, and just flat out nice! They truly wanted us to have a good time, and never acted annoyed or put out by anything, no matter what time it was! The sailing was amazing, and gave a great view of the resort from the water!
Was our service what you expected?  And more! We didn't have a single issue! Leah answered all of my (many) questions promptly and knowledgeably, helped us find the cheapest airfare, took us step by step through everything, and even let us pay in installments (so long as it was paid before the due date)! We didn't have any issues getting there or coming home, and the resort definitely did not disappoint, especially for the amazing price you offer! A+!
Could we have done more to make your trip smoother?  Not a thing! Everything went perfectly!
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Aaron and Andrea
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