Sandals Grand St Lucian Spa and Beach Resort, St Lucia Reviews

Sandals Grand St Lucian = Incredible!!!
All inclusive resorts are great, but the Sandals Grand St Lucian Resort is incredible. My wife and I were greeted with friendly smiles and a cold island drink...needless to say we were instantly impressed. This great service and experience was only the start of our amazing honeymoon. Our favorite features of the resort were definitely the incredible pool setup with the huge swim up bar, friendly bartenders and servers and above all the food!
Name of couple:  Mr & Mrs Jenson
Honeymoon date:  2011-12-01
Agency:  Unforgettable Honeymoons
How did the honeymoon turn out in general?  The honeymoon was as close to flawless as possible. It all started with the great help and support from our contact, Leah with Unforgettable Honeymoons. She was very informative and quick to respond to our many questions. :) There were no travel or transportation delays and aside from a little rain each day, the weather was great. The staff at Sandals Grand are friendly and warm, which is common to the local people of St Lucia. The food was incredible and the selection was even better! Can't wait to go back soon!!!
And about the destination(s) in general?   St Lucia is a beautiful tropical island with incredible views and extremely friendly and welcoming people. The native food and spices are delicious and a pleasant change from processed american foods! The combination of great views, warm weather and friendly people is hard to beat!
The least?   Seriously, this entire honeymoon experience was pretty much flawless. My wife and I were very very blessed. A little less rain is about the only thing we could have asked for.
Highlight of the honeymoon?   The highlight of the honeymoon was on our 2nd day, after a few relaxing hours at the incredible pool it began to rain extremely hard. My first reaction was to hurry for cover....but no one really moved. With the warm weather, relaxing music, incredible poolside food and endless drinks from the swim-up bar....the pouring rain didn't affect anything! Everyone just continued having a great was amazing.
Anything that you wish you knew beforehand that you could pass on to us for future clients?  Plan your days and trips beforehand! There are so many activities to enjoy and amazing restaurants at the other nearby Sandals that planning is key! It's so easy to just lay back and relax, which is also great...but if you want to maximize your activity and restaurant experience...plan it out!
Any other comments?   I can't wait to go back soon! Sandals Resorts are the way to go!
Was our service what you expected?  Above and beyond our expectations. It was first class all the way thanks to Sandals and the people of St Lucia!
Could we have done more to make your trip smoother?  Aside from not convincing us to stay longer than a week, there wasn't much else that wasn't covered. Thank you!
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