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Perfect honeymoon destination
We loved the availability and options of the watersports and the excursions. We snorkeled twice, rode the Hobi cat, went on the catamaran, and I waterskiied. We went to Ricks with a group from the hotel but actually ended up walking next door to Catcha Falling Star to have dinner at the recommendation of the travel agent. It was fantastic! We loved the resort, everyone was so friendly and the beaches are gorgeous!
Name of couple:  Scott and Beth Johnson
Honeymoon date:  2014-06-23
Agency:  Unforgettable Honeymoons
How did the honeymoon turn out in general?  It was perfect. We loved Couples. The food was great, rooms were clean, staff was very friendly and accommodating.
And about the destination(s) in general?   The beaches were gorgeous, still clear water. We loved swimming and snorkeling there. It was a little bit of a drive from the airport but it was well worth it.
The least?   The solicitors walking on the beach. There was a security guard at the resort so they couldn't come too close to us. When you walked down the beach they could approach you, but I never felt harassed, just mildly annoyed asking if I wanted to parasail and if we said no they always asked if we wanted to buy drugs.
Highlight of the honeymoon?   There were so many fun things we did it's hard to choose! We loved the dancers who performed one night at the resort and we also loved having dinner at Catcha Falling Star. The catamaran cruise was also really fun.
Anything that you wish you knew beforehand that you could pass on to us for future clients?  We really appreciated all the tips given by the travel agent, Leah. They were very helpful and made things much easier for the entire trip. We knew to bring cash in small bills, to have our passports up to date and many other things that could have been really frustrating if we hadn't known beforehand.
Was our service what you expected?  It was better!
Could we have done more to make your trip smoother?  Not that I can think of!
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