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Honeymoon in Jamaica
We honestly loved everything about our resort. It was small, private, and romantic. We stayed at the Couples Resort, Tower Isle. The very best thing about this resort was how small and intimate it was. Not just intimate for you and your significant other, but intimate in a larger scale. Because it was a Couples resort, there were no children and all the other people at the resort were couples. We loved this aspect because not only did it make the atmosphere more relaxed, there were many other couples that arrived and departed at the same time. We were able to meet new people and make lasting friendships with other people from all across the world. Couples Tower Isle offered a freedom for a romantic evening, just the two of you, yet there was so much to do during the day that allowed you to socialize and hang out with other couples you see thorughout the weeks stay! We also loved that everything was included unlike other resorts we looked into! Everything from snorkeling, to party boats, to excursions; there was so much to do that we were never bored and all was included in our price!
Name of couple:  Corrina and Travis
Honeymoon date:  2011-09-03
Agency:  Unforgettable Honeymoons
How did the honeymoon turn out in general?  Our honeymoon was amazing! We absolutely loved it! There was a peace and romance about being in Jamaica! Our overall experience was unbelievable. It was better than we expected! Honestly, we were a little skeptical because we had found unforgettable honeymoons online with no references etc and the deal seemed too good to be true. But, we took our chances and I'm glad we did because everything was just what we wanted at an amazing cost we could afford! Now we are telling all our friends about our awesome honeymoon and the relaxing ease of unforgettable honeymoons!
And about the destination(s) in general?   Jamaica was a beautiful island! Everyone on the island is friendly and fun! The sunsets are amazing and the water was crystal clear. The country is absolutely beautiful. The people from Jamaica who worked at our resort, took pride in their work and went out of their way to make sure you were taken care of and looked after!
The least?   Nothing really! The least favorite thing about Jamaica was the humidity we experienced there!
Highlight of the honeymoon?   The highlight of the honeymoon was being able to just relax and not worry about anything while we were there! Laying ocean side, on white sandy beaches looking out at the crystal clear water making waves that rolled right to you with a drink in your hand! The staff at CTI were absolutely amazing and were at your beckon call! We never had to worry or stress about anything while we were there which gave us peace of mind and made us comfortable while we were there!
Anything that you wish you knew beforehand that you could pass on to us for future clients?  We would just like to recommend Couples Tower Isle as THE place to stay. The service was excellent and everyone was extremely courteous and pleasant to be around which made our entire trip very amazing!
Any other comments?   Thanks to Vicky at Unforgettable Honeymoons who helped me plan my ENTIRE TRIP! She was amazing and personable and reassured me continuously!! She is AWESOME!
Was our service what you expected?  Yes.
Could we have done more to make your trip smoother?  No.
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Corrina & Travis
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