How to enter our free photo contest

How to give a resort review or enter the photo contest

Here is some step by step instructions! A quick link to what you need to know. If you need a lot of help, click here

First of all, your contact information is kept strictly confidential and there is no cost or fee. The registration process gives you access to your own page in this site, so it is necessary to verify your identity.

OK, let's get going - you may want to copy and paste this to another document for easy reference.


You need to fill out our online registration form to be in the Photo Contest. This sets you up with an account and allows to to login and edit your review and update your pictures. It also gives us a way to contact you if you win!


The first names of you and your spouse how it will appear in the website – it must be at least 6 characters, and no last names please!

Example: John and Barbara

Email address

We will send you an email with a link to activate your account. Again, Your contact info is kept confidential.


This is needed for part of the login process. If you forget it, we can send it to you via email.

Captcha code

This is a spam protector to make sure a live human is filling out this form and not spamming software.

Activating your account

When all the info is filled out, click Submit Registration. Now, check your email account. There will be an email from us with a link you must click. Now you are officially registered for the photo contest and/or you can give a review of a resort!

Step 2 - Submit Your Profile Pic

Profile Pic

After you have activated your account, click Edit Profile under My Account. It is in the upper right of your account area, blue lettering. Here you can submit a Profile Picture - a picture of you and your spouse. It doesn't have to be a honeymoon picture, and is not required, but it does look nice!

You should submit an image 60 x 60 pixels. For help with resizing pics, click here

Step 3 – Review a Hotel or Resort

Now go to the Resort or Hotel you want to review, and at the bottom of its description, click Review It.

The Title

This is whatever you want to call your review page.

Answer the questions

Please answer all the questions - not all fields are required, but readers will appreciate all the input you can give!

Save your Review

Now click Save at the bottom of the page. Next we will add your honeymoon pics!

Step 4 - Now for your honeymoon pictures...

Please submit honeymoon pics 350 pixels in width. If you need help resizing images, click here

Why Resize? Sometimes uploading large images may cause server "timeouts" and "error messages". This means the image(s) you are trying to load is too big. You may have to start from scratch on your review after getting an error message. Because of this, we advise entering and saving your review first, then uploading your images separately. Or simply have them resized!

Adding Pictures

The Browse button lets you go into your computer files and find an image. Select a picture and click Open. If you have another image, click Add another and repeat the process. When you have uploaded all your pics, just click Save.

NOTE: If you get an error message, try uploading and saving one image at a time. Or resize (see below).


If you know how to resize pictures: make them 350px in width. You can add up to 10 images. Resizing helps the upload process go quicker and makes it faster for the website visitors too. Paint or Word Publisher are common software for resizing. Want a free online picture resizing tool? Click here for full instructions on resizing pictures.

No resizing

If you do not know how to resize, its OK, but you may have to add/upload images one at a time (click Save after each image). It also may take longer to show up for our website visitors.


This is the title or caption for your photo.

Save and Logout

Clicking Save completes the Photo Contest Entry. You may now Logout. If you want to come back and edit your review or add more pictures, simply login with your email address and password. Good luck!

How to Edit Your Review (or add more pics)

Login with your email address and password

Click on My Account

You will see your review. Click on Read Full Review

Below your review, click on the word Edit in the Menu

Here you can change your review, delete, edit (replace), or add images (see Adding Pictures above)

When you are finished, click Save.