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Wonderful Honeymoon at Qamea Fiji
We wanted to have a once in a lifetime destination for our honeymoon- somewhere we just can't get to anytime. As such, we chose Fiji over destinations like Cacun, Cabo, Hawaii, etc. You may recognize the Fijian landscape if you are fan of “The Bachelorette”- it is absolutely as beautiful as it was portrayed in the show. At Qamea you will experience all of that natural beauty. Qamea was a beautiful, quiet, relaxing, extremely romantic choice. The accommodations were very nice, there were only a dozen or so couples at the resort, and we were in a secluded paradise. The natural beauty was something that we have never experienced on any previous trip. We had some great hikes with breathtaking views, we snorkeled over some pristine reefs, and the felt like we had a private beach all to ourselves. One note is that we traveled in October and it rained 7 out of the 10 days we were there. We really enjoyed the spa and the treatments available, the food was very good. The mixed drinks were inconsistent however. The service was spectacular. The resort owner was on site during our trip and interacted with all the customers and made sure we were having a great trip. One night after dinner he joined us with a few other couples for a drink and bought a round for everyone. Fijians are very friendly, artistic and hospitable by nature and they would give you the shirt off their back. They also have a natural love of laughter and humor- we loved learning more about the Fijian culture. We were very happy with our trip and we can't wait to go back to Qamea!
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