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I went around online searching different sites e.g. orbitz, travelocity, and travel agencies looking to book a trip (one that I proposed on) for my girlfriend and I. I stumbled upon Unforgettable Honeymoons site and ended up calling them. At first I was not all too sure that it was a good move as I have never used a travel agent before. However, I did not want to screw this one up and could not trust a site like orbitz, or match. They releived me of that worry, after hearing what they had to offer and how knowledgeable Heather, my agent, was with everywhere in the entire world. She ended up finding me a spectacular trip to St. Lucia. I found a cheaper price on one of those websites and after telling Heather that I was not going to use her because of the price difference she was able to beat the price of the website! The trip was amazing and exactly what I had dreamed. We went to Ladera and Sandals Grande, a cool split stay that she recommended, and loved both places. It fit my budget and blew my, now fiance, out of the water. I have already started planning my honeymoon with them and cannot tell enough people about my trip and experience with a travel agent.
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